Cartography, GIS and Web Map Design

Wildlife Cameras

This tri-variate graduated symbol map shows wildlife camera rates of detection for three meso-carnivore species (bobcat, coyote, and grey fox) in Marin County California from 2014-2017.

Wildfires in California

This bivariate map represents wildfires in California from 2009-2019. The symbol size represents size in acres >= 100 and the colors represent the five most common cause of fire during this time period. The data came from the U.S. Forest Service; FIRESTAT Fire Occurrence - Yearly Update.

Pacific Crest Trail Peaks

This map shows the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, and highlights the major mountain peaks along the route. It is overlaid on a geoferenced version of the classic Erwin Raisz Landforms of the United States Map.

Mount Tamalpais State Park Trails

Map of Trails in and around Mount Tamalpais State Park in Marin County, California. The map is intended for use by the State Park trail crew to manage trail projects.

Open Space in California

This choropleth map represents percentage of open space by acres in California by managing agency type: Federal, State, County or Land Trust. The data are derived from the California Protected Areas Database (CPAD)

Evolving Shorelines Story Map

Story map of Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve focused on telling the story of how the community can adapt to Sea Level Rise while saving habitat through nature based solutions.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area - Northlands Trails

Map of Trails on park units in the northern Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Each unit is stands alone in orientiation but shares a common scale of 1:10000. Uses Eduard Imhof basemap style. Created in ArcGIS Pro 2.6.

United States Power Plants

This bivariate map shows power plants in the United States using graduated symbols to show total power capacity in megawatts and color to describe the primary source of power; Nuclear, Coal or Petroleum.

Rental Costs - United States

This choropleth map details median rents for every county in the United States.

About me

I'm Zac Stanley, a geographer and cartographer specializing in high quality static cartography and web mapping applications. My area of interest includes mapping trails, invasive species, and a broad array of natural resource monitoring efforts from wildlife cameras to rare plants and native gardens. Current resume'
When I'm not looking for the perfect complimentary font for a map sub-title, I'm hanging out with my family, riding my bike in Western Sonoma County California, or listening to the hypnotic tenor saxophone of Pharoah Sanders.


GIS and Cartography
GISP #90608, April 2020
QGIS and ArcGIS Pro for data analysis, manipulation, and format conversion
Adobe Illustrator for production cartography
PostGIS/SQL and ArcSDE for data querying
Web Mapping
Leaflet, Mapbox and ArcGIS Online for raster tilesets, basic thematic mapping, and telling stories with maps
JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python